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  • How can I thank you? Not just for your professional skills but for the thought and concern you displayed while treating me

    ~ Anonymous A ~

  • “I had my right hip replaced in early April; From my first appointment with Dr. Ruffolo I knew he was the one to do my surgery; I had visited another hip surgeon and had an appointment set for a third opinion, which I canceled; Dr. Ruffolo explained well the entire procedure and the recovery process, and visually demonstrated what he would do to me with a sample of what he was going to replace my hip with; He answered all of my questions and concerns, which demonstrated to me that not only was he a caring surgeon, but his expertise left me to feel confident with his method, and that I would be much better off having my hip replaced; I mentally and physically prepared for the surgery for 2 weeks, and have been impressed with Dr. Ruffolo and the results since then; I have referred people to him after he replaced my hip; I consider Dr. Ruffolo an outstanding physician!"

    ~ Anonymous Patient ~

  • "Dr. Ruffolo replaced both of my hips in September 2018 and December 2018.  I was experiencing pain from my back all the way down my legs to my knees; Dr. Ruffolo and his team fully explained to me what to expect before, during, and after surgery.; After each hip replacement my pain that I was experiencing was gone; The recovery has been quick, I'm pain free, and walking normal again; Dr. Ruffolo is a great surgeon and I feel lucky to have been sent his way."

    ~ Anonymous Patient ~

  • "Having a lot of pain in my right hip, I went to see Dr. Ruffolo. During the initial office visit after looking at my x-rays, he stated my cartilage was gone and the only option I had was complete hip replacement. As I was by myself, Dr. Ruffolo informed me that if my wife wanted to come and discuss the surgery, he would be happy to meet with us. It was decided that our daughter, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy would return with me to Dr. Ruffolo's office to see if there was any alternative to hip replacement. Upon reviewing the x-ray and discussing with Dr. Ruffolo, she agreed with him that there was no other alternative. He was very caring and took time for me and my family prior to, during and after my surgery. I am now six weeks postop and have been amazed how well this went and have already referred others to him. Of note, his medical assistant was also very helpful in getting the FMLA papers for my wife as well."

    ~ Anonymous Patient ~

  • "I recently had a complete hip replacement by Dr. Ruffolo, and it was truly an awesome experience.; Right from the beginning he made my wife and I feel at ease of what the surgery entailed; Dr. Ruffolo was very professional and courteous throughout the experience.; I am now completely pain free and doing all the activities I previously did.; I highly recommend Dr. Ruffolo."

    ~ Anonymous Patient ~

  • “Went in with a pain in my hip/buttocks from a fall; Afraid it was a broken pelvic bone, but Dr. Ruffolo diagnosed it as a ruptured disk; His bedside manner is great; He takes time to listen and helps you feel such confidence in him; Would definitely recommend him for any hip problems.

    ~ Anonymous Patient ~

  • “I had 2 knee replacements done by Dr. Ruffolo; I was blessed that he was my surgeon; He has a wonderful bedside manner, making me feel completely comfortable and confident with him performing surgery on my knees; I went from barely able to walk from one room to the other, to taking my dogs on walks.; He gave back to me years of being independent...Can't thank him enough!"

    ~ Anonymous Patient ~

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